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Secret Garden of Health

I have always had a fascination with homegrown health. My maternal grandparents had a fabulous vegetable garden. Papa was a retired postman, but I am quite certain they had a garden for most of their married lives, as did probably everyone during that era. The garden took up pretty much the entirety of their long, narrow backyard. It included flowers (I particularly remember cosmos growing), and a gnarled old apple tree that was perfect for climbing, but largely consisted of truly heirloom vegetables. Summer dinners at Nana and Papa’s always included freshly picked vegetables, in season (winter meals were complemented with preserved bounty from the garden). The tomatoes were particularly fab

Girls in their Summer Clothes (or in this case, Guys)

We have just had an amazing 10-day stretch of phenomenal lower mainland weather in our west coast rain forest. Yesterday the temperatures started to cool and the rain reportedly arrives today, but I am still basking in the warm glow. And, I make no apologies for having been literally basking in the sunshine for the duration. Most of us are aware of the conflicting cacophony out there in Expert-ville between the naysayers who warn us to “slather on sunscreen” with their overused expression, and the health promoters who expound the benefits of sunlight. Here’s what I'm thinking: 1. If possible (depending on your personal genetic and health profile and locale), obtain Vitamin D the way