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We are at a Coffee Crossroads!

We are at a Coffee Crossroads! If you have heard me speak together with Ryan, you may already know about the huge role coffee has played in our marriage! When we were in our twenties, busy having babies and loving life in Montreal, we found it was a challenge to carve out time to dedicate just to each other and to our spiritual development. Rising early came a little more easily to Ryan. I have fond memories of Ryan bringing me baby Ben to feed, early in the morning in the summer of 1984, and then taking him to our adjoining office so I could sleep. Ryan loved this time, reading his Bible and bonding with our Ben. I quite enjoyed the extra sleep! Still, I longed to be an early riser, and oft

The Creation Connection

Please join me as I join the whole world today in prayer for God’s Creation. It started with the Orthodox Church, was imitated by the Catholic Church,has been embraced by these caring faith organizations: A Rocha * Evangelical Environmental Network * Young Evangelicals for Climate Action (30 and under) * Catholic Climate Covenant * Creation Justice Ministries. Today, Tuesday, Sept 1 marks the World Day of Prayer for God's Creation! I have long maintained that this whole climate change discussion is a complete waste of energy (pardon the pun). Whether or not we humans are adversely affecting our climate is, in my opinion, a moot point. Polluting the earth is simply wrong. As a believer I und