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Happy Independence Day, Canada Day, Birthday Healthy Ice Cream Cake!

Our youngest son and his 3 good friends spent the weekend with us. We enjoyed great weather along with their great company. We also enjoyed belatedly celebrating Joe’s birthday with them. Our original plan was to buy a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, but when I spotted a recipe for ice cream cake in a magazine while in the grocery check-out line, I decided I could make the cake and make it without sugar (not to mention the myriad of other chemicals that are likely in that DQ cake). Here is my recipe for Healthy Ice Cream Cake! First, for the brownie-like crust: DRY INGREDIENTS 3 Tbsp. organic coconut flour 2 Tbsp. organic palm sugar ¼ cup erythritol ¼ cup organic cocoa powder ½ tsp. organic baki