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Ryan's 1000th Game

Ryan's 1000th Game

Jenn speaking

Jenn speaking

Hockey Wife / Hockey Mom

Hockey Wife / Hockey Mom

      Past and Future Positive Happenings!

We loved being with Mike Sherbino on The Perspective:

Ryan and I are best friends, as well as business and life partners, who have been married for almost 40 years. The joy of our lives is not the Stanley Cup (although that was fun!) but our five amazing kids and incredible grandchildren. Our passion is to inspire people's very best, whether that means building your team, coaching your leaders, encouraging you as a couple, or speaking at your event.
Ryan played 15 seasons in the NHL and later added 2 more as a coach, before broadcasting hockey games on radio and TV, choreographing hockey for Hollywood, and leading a professional hockey team as President and CEO. I have been married to hockey (not to mention living as a hockey mom) for 39 years, and I wouldn't trade a minute of it!

We use all of that experience, our combined BA and MA in Leadership, our research for 5 books, and the best wisdom of all, The Bible, to fuel our marriage coaching, conference speaking, and interactive seminars.  Let us know how we can help!

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Ryan and I were honoured to be part of the 

Hockey Ministries Christmas Special. Enjoy it here:



Terry O'Reilly called it The Code and Ryan calls it Honour:

Ryan and Jenn with Stanley Cup at Hockey
" Ryan and Jenni are the 'Real Deal'!  Humble, Biblically grounded and 38 years of marriage = Winning mentorship for power couples who want to grow together for Christ!"
Jonathan Lewis 
President, Eastport Financial 
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