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Season Schedule:

  • Game Day – 9 * 3-hour Virtual Growth Sessions (maximum 12 couples, plus Ryan and Jenn)

  • Practice – 10 * 60-minute Virtual one on one Couple Coaching Sessions with Ryan and Jenn

  • System – Access to our High-Performance Couples Online Portal

  • Video Meeting – Bi-Monthly text/email inspiring video from Ryan & Jenn

  • Road Trip – Annual Retreat: in-person meeting, date and destination chosen by the team

  • Off Season – July and August are meeting-free


Team Benefits:

  • Increasing Relational Oneness in Jesus

  • New Connections - both business and personal, with other couples of faith

  • Uniquely positioned Christian + Business + Marriage focus 

  • Personal and Relational Growth to keep your marriage thriving

  • Fun/Upbeat/Positive community encouragement from like-minded couples 

  • Positive-Proactive-Process – process and resources in place to help you navigate storms and valleys

  • 38 Years’ Married Facilitators who have experienced high pressure, and have an M.A. in Leadership

  • Growing discipleship capacity to coach your married children, friends, or colleagues 

  • Heightened resilience in a culture that can be hostile to faith and family




Game Day: 4 hour Zoom Growth-Sessions for all couples

  • Team Advantage – Shared Devotional - Starting with Him

  • Team Play – Interactive Learning with Ryan and Jenn

  • Practice Plan – Problem-Solving Brainstorm (tapping the team for key experiences & solutions)

  • Penalty Kill – Jenn with the Ladies - Ryan with the Guys - "getting the unsaid... said"

  • Intermission Interview – Ryan & Jenn interview one couple per session for deeper insight

  • Power Play – Prayer Time


Coaching Couples:

  • 90-minutes of 2-on-2 (Ryan & Jenn to couple) coaching per month

  • A safe and itimate oppoturnity to go deeper, identify growth opportunities, solve problems, build vision, and envisioning ministry, together


Outreach Opportunities:

  • Once per year, members may invite one guest couple to a designated guest meeting

  • Gift a membership to another couple (making paying it forward your 2b1ministry)

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