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A Legacy

To Your Health!

My mother created a legacy back in the seventies when she taught our family to recycle, compost, exercise, shop at the Farmers' Market, and eat as naturally as possible. It is a passion that has never left me, through the natural and drug-free births of our 5 babies, breast-feeding those babies in a culture that thought I was strange, making bone when it was actually just called broth, hanging cloth diapers on my clothesline when most other parents were buying disposables, and consuming coconut oil when the vast majority of scientists were telling us how harmful it was. I try to make informed choices about my health based on actual science, the experience of those close to me, and the advice of my Creator, rather than the media, the pharmaceutical industry and the conventional medicine it influences. We lost our dear mother in November, 2015. May her legacy live on.

Ryan and I are loving this product!  You can see Ryan interviewing the creator of MyoHealth, Dr. Robert Wolfe. 


  1. Stimulates protein synthesis

  2. Builds lean muscle mass

  3. Reduces muscle soreness & fatigue

  4. Helps improve balance

  5. Boosts stamina

  6. Improves endurance

  7. Improves blood flow performance

  8. Helps balance blood sugar levels

  9. Minimizes muscle tissue breakdown

  10. Prevents muscle loss

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To Your Hair

Because its always about our hair!

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