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Born to Nurture!

I very recently realized that the common thread weaving its way through my dreams and visions is the desire to nurture. To nurture, in fact, is my calling, my passion, my celebration, my destiny. It may have taken me 50+ years to articulate, but I have been living this since I cradled my first doll as a toddler. I live to nurture my family, my characters, my listeners, my readers, my world, and yes, even myself. It brings me joy to bring joy to those around me.

Understanding and establishing that my mission is to nurture is a revelation and a challenge, not to mention a measuring stick for the best use of my time and energy. Is this book, movie, task, activity, word, food, drink, thought, nurturing?

I am not claiming that I am necessarily good at nurturing, simply that it is a longing that pervades every facet of my entire existence.

Baby I was born to nurture!

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