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I wrote it in my letter to you

Dear Bruce,

I wrote my first letter to you in 1980. My friend Julie and I packaged our heart-felt words with pre-photoshop recreations of your first 4 album covers (I was Clarence & Julie was you, in the Born to Run photo) in an envelope marked: To Bruce Springsteen, who believes in the Promised Land. Imagine our pure joy when you dedicated The Promised Land to us on a magical night in January, 1981 at Maple Leaf Gardens.

Because of you, I met my husband of 38 years, have precious life-long friends, have attended 30+ shows, many with all 5 of our kids, and am working on our 5 grandkids. Ryan and I continue to be inspired by your passion, creativity, loving marriage (I am a huge Patti fan!), energy, leadership, humility, humour, generosity, unparalleled talent, and spirituality. Thank you for enriching our lives, oh yes, and for bringing us another great album!


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