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Ritual Magic

"Studies link a lifestyle rich in ritual to greater marital satisfaction, academic achievement, self-worth, and stronger family bonds and show that simple rituals around Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, chores, regular bedtimes, worship, and family dinners are also linked to stronger immunity." Dr. John Douillard

Yet again, science proves what the Bible has said all along😁

The Old Testament is filled with wonderful rituals that God commanded His children to follow so they would prosper in body, mind and spirit. In the New Testament Jesus accompanied the Last Supper with the command: Do this in remembrance of Me.

Do you have a New Year's Eve ritual? Our happy little household will be enjoying snacks and movies together, with biodynamic sparkling wine for toasting. I just have to say that the best pairing with sparkling wine, imho, is organic, grass-fed buttered, Himalayan pink-salted popcorn.

December 31, 2018, Thetis Island, BC

With the exception of attending games or team functions during Ryan's NHL career, we have always loved staying in on New Year's Eve. If Ryan had to be on the road, we had a special ritual. He would call me (this was pre-internet) and read to me from the journal he kept of all the funny things our kids had said over the past year. You busy parents think you will remember all those things, but you won't. Write them down!!!! These long distance New Year's Eve phone calls are such a special memory to me.

Let's make 2021 a year of maintaining and creating rituals. To your health!


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