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Viva Las Vegas!

What could be more nurturing than a spa treatment, in a spectacular setting, with the one you love? Precious little! Thus, I feel compelled to tell you about my amazing weekend at the M Resort in Las Vegas. This was our second trip to Vegas. On our first, my husband and I stayed at the dazzling Bellagio. It was gorgeous and our room was large and lovely. We experienced our first casino, incredible cuisine, outlet shopping (actually, I experienced that solo and let me tell you it was phenomenal), and a gorgeous pool, but everything was…busy.

I realize this is why most people actually go to Las Vegas. They want lights, action, ringing bells, and throngs of people. That can be fun, but this recent trip to Vegas was inherently more satisfying. For starters, it was romantic before we even got there. I arrived first from Vancouver while Ryan was still flying in from Toronto. Call me sappy, but since the moment we met, I have always found it amazingly romantic to be alone on a plane flying in for a rendezvous somewhere with my husband of 29 years. There is something vastly intriguing about harbouring a secret while surrounded by strangers. Trust me; this is a very fun way to begin a getaway together.

He arrived at last (both of us had been delayed by Air Canada, but that just magnified the anticipation) and we stepped out into the hot desert midnight heat. I am telling you, that first blast of heat is a joy to behold. For this southern Ontario-born, Pacific Northwest rain forest-dwelling woman, I simply cannot get enough sun or heat. When the latter is still happening at midnight, my spirit soars. I am perfectly happy to visit the desert in the summer. I’ll take it anytime.

The M Resort, located well away from the strip, is spacious. Refusing to be crammed up against all the other hotels, it stands alone, vast and aloof. As we stepped through the doors into the lobby we were ensconced in clean, understated elegance. We made our way through two massive glass cases of Calla lilies, which never ceased to amaze me during our entire stay, to the front desk. The Bellman was instantly full of apologies as he recognized us to be the couple his driver was supposed to have met at the airport. The taxi we were forced to take was the only down side of our entire 3 night stay. The cab driver obviously did not share my love of the desert and had the air-conditioning blasting freezing cold air as we meandered through the bright strip to our oasis (which brings to mind a completely different song).

Ah, and then we saw our room. It was a suite, actually, on the 15th floor, with floor to ceiling views of the pool, valley, and strip beyond, lit up at midnight. Honestly, it was the most beautiful hotel room I have ever stayed in, including The Plaza and The Breakers, both amazing in their own way. Our suite was massive: long, spacious living room, earth-toned marble bar, leather stools, 3 televisions (we never did figure out how to work the one in the bathroom), automated shade and drapery (I loved this!), separate bedroom with luxurious king bed and same huge window covering the entire wall, vast desk surrounded by lighted cupboards, invitingly deep bathtub behind a glass wall (with another one of those auto shades!), double marble sinks, gargantuan marble shower, and more storage cupboards than any traveller could ever hope to use. It was heaven and I spent most of the first day in there, working on our company year-end while Ryan inspired the East Coast Hockey League sales and marketers in the Medina room far below.

At last we finally made it to the pool - one of the 2 pools, that is. The sun was still hot; the water was cold; life was good. Later we dined outside at the fabulous Anthony’s. Give me warm breezes over artificial coolant any day (or night as the case may be). Ryan had the Caesar salad, and repeated it the following 2 days. I was torn between lobster, or crab and beet, salad, but finally went with the divine lobster, followed by Sea Bass that truly melted in my mouth, and Ryan, Ahi tuna. There is nothing more romantic than dining alfresco on a hot summer night…

…except maybe an 80 minute couples’ massage, which brings me back, full circle. I had the best massage of my life at the Spa Mio. Maybe because it was my first 80 minute massage, maybe because the love of my life was on the table beside mine, maybe because the therapist was just that great, maybe because the entire ambience of the spa and fitness centre oozed wellness and tranquility, or most likely a combination of everything this weekend away with my love meant to me. It was nurturing to body, mind, spirit, and marriage. All things I value most highly and am determined to build, strengthen, safeguard, and, yes, nurture.

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