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Summer's here and the time is right!

I know, it’s summer, not spring, but I have never been known for meeting deadlines, so bring on the summer-cleaning. As of yesterday, I officially completed our year-end (the myriad of questions from our miraculous KNV accountants notwithstanding) and am poised to focus on wedding plans, house renovation, and weight-loss – and yes, they are all inter-related. Let me know if you would like to join me on the journey.

You may already know that I don’t subscribe to the theory that we should all make SMART goals. I prefer…


Daring Unique Motivating Brilliant

Here are mine:

Create daughter’s dream wedding

Establish house wedding-readiness

Lose 20 lbs

3 X 3 goals for the week:

Wedding: Book flowers, cake, and wine

House: Order cabinets, Book log-sanding and staining, plant remaining veggie seeds

Weight loss: embrace 3 weight-training sessions, cut carbs (I had pad thai earlier in the week), walk, walk, walk.

Let’s keep each other posted!!

Kitchen in need of renovation.jpg

Sanctity in the City Group 1, August 2012

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