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Summer's here and the time is right!

I know, it’s summer, not spring, but I have never been known for meeting deadlines, so bring on the summer-cleaning. As of yesterday, I officially completed our year-end (the myriad of questions from our miraculous KNV accountants notwithstanding) and am poised to focus on wedding plans, house renovation, and weight-loss – and yes, they are all inter-related. Let me know if you would like to join me on the journey.

You may already know that I don’t subscribe to the theory that we should all make SMART goals. I prefer…


Daring Unique Motivating Brilliant

Here are mine:

Create daughter’s dream wedding

Establish house wedding-readiness

Lose 20 lbs

3 X 3 goals for the week:

Wedding: Book flowers, cake, and wine

House: Order cabinets, Book log-sanding and staining, plant remaining veggie seeds

Weight loss: embrace 3 weight-training sessions, cut carbs (I had pad thai earlier in the week), walk, walk, walk.

Let’s keep each other posted!!

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