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Gluten and Egg-free Pancakes

Because of our low carb lifestyle, I seldom make pancakes, however, our son, Joe, had a hockey game on the weekend, so I adapted a great recipe for Gluten and Egg-Free Pancakes. Even without Xanthum gum they held together just fine, sizzling away on our brand new Gaggenau TeppanYaki. I cooked bacon on the Teppan Yaki first, kept it warm in our equally awesome Gaggenau convection oven, and used the grease to cook the pancakes (saturated fat is ok, in my opinion, provided it is organic).

I purchased a half-hog share from Arocha in the fall and I am telling you, this is the best bacon ever. The hogs are grass-fed and raised organically, literally blocks from our house. To learn more about this wonderful Christian organization, please visit: The Brooksdale farm, pictured below, is a fabulous place to visit: We all love picking up our fresh produce every week during the growing season, which helps our family to eat fresh, locally, and organically, discovering many heirloom varieties of God’s bountiful creation, all the while supporting a valuable Christian organization.

Jenni’s Gluten and Egg-Free Pancakes


· 1 ripe organic banana

· 1 cup organic buckwheat flour

· 1/2 cup ground hazelnuts

· 1 cup organic coconut milk (canned, including cream on the top, but I am looking for an organic coconut milk which comes in glass - has anyone found one?)

· 1 tbsp. organic stevia/sugar mix (I used SweetLeaf). Since no one eats pancakes without maple syrup, this could probably be omitted altogether.

· 1 tsp organic cinnamon

· 1 tsp organic baking powder

· 1 tsp organic vanilla extract (I forgot this, but I am sure it would be good)

· organic blueberries


1. Mash banana and mix with coconut milk in a large bowl

2. Combine dry ingredients separately

3. Heat pan (or griddle) over medium heat, cook bacon and leave the fat to fry pancakes (or use organic, extra virgin coconut oil or organic ghee)

4. Pour dry ingredients into wet and combine

5. Pour batter onto the pan/griddle and poke blueberries in

6. Cook each pancake until bubbles appear and edges are browned (approximately 2-3 minutes). Flip and cook on the other side for approximately 1 minute, or until browned on the bottom.

7. Serve with organic butter and organic pure syrup (do not ever buy the fake kind!)

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