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Girls in their Summer Clothes (or in this case, Guys)

We have just had an amazing 10-day stretch of phenomenal lower mainland weather in our west coast rain forest. Yesterday the temperatures started to cool and the rain reportedly arrives today, but I am still basking in the warm glow. And, I make no apologies for having been literally basking in the sunshine for the duration.

Most of us are aware of the conflicting cacophony out there in Expert-ville between the naysayers who warn us to “slather on sunscreen” with their overused expression, and the health promoters who expound the benefits of sunlight.

Here’s what I'm thinking:

1. If possible (depending on your personal genetic and health profile and locale), obtain Vitamin D the way God intended, from the sun - granted, we have messed up His creation by depleting a bunch of the ozone layer.

2. Take cover with shade, clothing or an all-natural form of sunscreen as necessary, to avoid burning.

Search sunscreen for Suzanne Organics Tinted Mineral sunscreen here:

3. Consume a diet that promotes good health (avoid sugar and grains, eat organic, raw, and grass-fed food when possible), and sun damage prevention, specifically (green tea, to name one great example).

4. Protect your skin from the inside out with skin saving and sun-damage reducing products like Radiance. Go here and scroll down to Radiance. You'll see Solis sunscreen also:

Radiance Sunscreen Supplement

5. Do your own research. If you are interested in some good science on the sun-controversy, I just read a great article:

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