Girls in their Summer Clothes (or in this case, Guys)

Ryan driving the boat he received from the Canucks when he played his 100th NHL Game

We have just had an amazing 10-day stretch of phenomenal lower mainland weather in our west coast rain forest. Yesterday the temperatures started to cool and the rain reportedly arrives today, but I am still basking in the warm glow. And, I make no apologies for having been literally basking in the sunshine for the duration.

Most of us are aware of the conflicting cacophony out there in Expert-ville between the naysayers who warn us to “slather on sunscreen” with their overused expression, and the health promoters who expound the benefits of sunlight.

Here’s what I'm thinking:

1. If possible (depending on your personal genetic and health profile and locale), obtain Vitamin D the way God intended, from the sun - granted, we have messed up His creation by depleting a bunch of the ozone layer.

Our grandson Eli sporting the hat he fill finally keep on.

2. Take cover with shade, clothing or an all-natural form of sunscreen as necessary, to avoid burning.

Search sunscreen for Suzanne Organics Tinted Mineral sunscreen here:

Suzanne Organics Tinted Mineral Sunscreen

3. Consume a diet that promotes good health (avoid sugar and grains, eat organic, raw, and grass-fed food when possible), and sun damage prevention, specifically (green tea, to name one great example).

10 Foods to Prevent Sunburn

4. Protect your skin from the inside out with skin saving and sun-damage reducing products like Radiance. Go here and scroll down to Radiance. You'll see Solis sunscreen also:

Radiance Sunscreen Supplement

5. Do your own research. If you are interested in some good science on the sun-controversy, I just read a great article:

Can Excessive Sun-Avoidance Kill?

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