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The Creation Connection

Please join me as I join the whole world today in prayer for God’s Creation.

It started with the Orthodox Church, was imitated by the Catholic Church,has been embraced by these caring faith organizations:

A Rocha * Evangelical Environmental Network * Young Evangelicals for Climate Action (30 and under) * Catholic Climate Covenant * Creation Justice Ministries.

Today, Tuesday, Sept 1 marks the World Day of Prayer for God's Creation!

I have long maintained that this whole climate change discussion is a complete waste of energy (pardon the pun). Whether or not we humans are adversely affecting our climate is, in my opinion, a moot point. Polluting the earth is simply wrong. As a believer I understand that God has charged us with protecting His World. Therefore, it is my responsibility to reduce pollution as much as possible, Global Warming or not.

Part of our family just returned from a road trip to Edmonton. Believe me, the irony is not lost on me. I pollute every bit as much as everyone else. My day of prayer will very likely begin with asking God’s forgiveness.

As we drove (in our conventional car that perhaps one day will be solar and wind powered) along the Yellowhead highway, I was amazed by the stunning scenery surrounding me. Mountains, clouds, trees, wildlife – all magnificent – all provided by our Heavenly Father for our enjoyment and stewardship. I was simply filled with joy.

I found myself thankful for the foresight of our country’s founders as we passed through Mount Robson Provincial Park and Jasper National Park. They were so wise to treasure the beauty of our land enough to set aside millions of acres (55,465,548 in fact, comprising 2.2% of the total area of Canada) to be preserved for our citizens and friends around the world to enjoy in perpetuity. They knew nothing of Global Warming and precious little of pollution. They did know about beauty, and most certainly about the gift God has given us to preserve.

A prayer guide and details on how to join in a conference prayer call can be found at

I truly believe that care for our planet could be the way forward to unite our planet. After all, it is the one thing that connects us all. I look forward to joining hearts around the world as we unite in prayer for the incredible gift God has given all of us.

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